Unfold Your True Self And Amplify Your Impact

Are You Creating Impact From Your Authentic Essence Or Filling Voids Of Disconnection?

You have already achieved success, but do you crave a more profound sense of satisfaction and meaning?
In our continuous journey of life, we sometimes drift away from our authentic essence, leading to an undercurrent of dissatisfaction that  achievements cannot fulfil.

I am Alsu Kashapova, your Holistic Transformation Guide.

My purpose is not to act as a savior, but to guide you towards the uncharted territories of your true self, empowering you to actualize your innate capacity and become the change-maker of your own life and the world.

Embark on a transformative journey towards profound fulfillment and alignment, whether working with me privately, through online courses or live events, or enjoy a free consultation. 

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Harness the transformative power of holistic mind-body tools, to awaken your innate capacity and amplify your ripple in the world. 
Here is what you can expect by hoping on a journey with me: 


You’ll transform subconscious patterns into a supportive system, achieving inner peace while growing your business or aspirations


Through self-love and confidence, you’ll find greater happiness, create deeper relationships, and confidently shine your unique light


Discover your deepest truths and courageously pursue your purpose


 Live in an energised flow state of aliveness, in touch with your higher guidance, make decisions easier and live in flow

Deeper Connections

Strengthen the quality of relationships and express yourself authentically. 

Hi, I'm Alsu

I’m a Holistic Transformational Coach and the Founder of Wholistic Breathwork. With over 3,000 hours of training in a diverse range of healing modalities: from Compassionate Inquiry, Scientific Conscious Breathing and Rebirth Breathing, to Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing and Ontological Coaching.

After a successful career as a Tech Executive, I radically shifted my path. Today, with my growing impact on 8,000+ people, I taught at international conferences, facilitated group sessions for thousands of participants, spoken at TEDx, and conducted numerous private sessions for my amazing clients.

Passionate about helping people reconnect with their essence, I have learned from leading figures in the industry – from Gabor Maté, Marisa Peer, Leonard Orr, to Dan Brule – and even shared the stage with them too: from Vishen Lakhiani, to Srikumar Rao. 

Lives Transformed
7900 +
Hours in Training
2900 +
Diverse Modalities

Proven Methods Will Make Your Transformation Long-Lasting

7 years of Breathwork Mastery

Breathwork isn’t just a technique; it’s a science-backed path to holistic health and heightened consciousness.
By harnessing specific breathing techniques, you not only release trapped emotions but also align with your Higher Self.
My 7-year mastery in Breathwork equips you with daily practices, therapeutic breathing formats like Rebirth Breathing and Pranayama in Malaysia, and Vivation. Together, we’ll unlock your body’s natural potential for self-healing and transformation.

Compassionate Inquiry of Gabor Mate

Dive into your inner world to address the root causes that might be holding you back. Using a psychotherapeutic approach inspired by Dr. Gabor Maté, you’ll reveal the layers beneath your external facade.
By merging conversational and somatic methods, you’ll connect with your emotions, heal your inner child, and reshape the narratives you’ve believed about yourself. This journey paves the way for a refreshed self-image and a kinder inner dialogue.

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy of Marisa Peer

Unlock profound change that originate from within. Embrace the effectiveness of Rapid Transformational Therapy—a comprehensive approach that synergizes hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Delve deeply to pinpoint and surmount the barriers in your way, understand their root causes, and reframe your foundational beliefs. With this, you won’t just dream of success; you’ll be poised to achieve it.

Choose Your Path
To Step Into Fulfilling Authentic Life

1. Signature Programs

1-1 Transformational Holistic Coaching

Benefit from personalised experience to focus on you and your goals. You’ll empower yourself to revitalize your career, relationships, and daily life, all while confidently sharing your unique gifts with the world.

group breathwork

Blended Group & Private Coaching with in-Person Retreat

Join the like-hearted community and step into a journey where you’re not just living but truly, excitingly thriving!

What People Say About Working With Alsu

Founding Director, NorthStar Global Training System,
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Alsu helps me see possible paths and I choose willingly. She makes me feel comfortable with change and growth. Through our sessions I see my past (no matter how painful it has been) as a powerful strength. Through our work, I improved my relationship with my parents. I see them with more love these days! And I feel comfortable as I am. Complete as I am. Enough as I am. I have read books on these topics, attended training, but only through the program with Alsu made me experience it. I feel happy, hopeful, inspired, and light after our sessions. After working with you for a while, my days are mostly delighted, bright and more straightforward. I am way more patient now, especially dealing with people. People used to tell me I had so much passion for life, but I lost that and didn't know if I could even get back there, now I feel like myself again!
Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Author and Head of Health & Fitness at Mindvalley
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Alsu has emotional empathy, sensitivity, and understanding beyond I can explain, I feel connected, understood, magical. Also, seeing things beyond this present energy, magical empathy and clairvoyance. She is able to create a space of safety, to go somewhere that is not easy to express, to go to a deeper corner of yourself. She masterfully does shifting from body-mind-body. So I won’t avoid feelings, I’ve learned to stay with them. I can access the root causes of issues that I’m facing, I can understand and access stories from childhood and heal them with her. Sessions are going beyond psyche, out-of-body experiences, and insights. It’s a great combination of therapy, coaching and somatic work, it goes out of proportion in a beautiful way. Alsu is a gift to me and to my life. I feel the most blessed, liberated and free after working together and I have a new level of self-acceptance as never before.
Angela Gaspar
Angela Gaspar
Founder & Director Discovery Reports Group Limited Founder & Director COCO by Angela Spain​
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I’m an entrepreneur; I have several businesses, startup and more established one. I worked with Alsu, because I had difficulties at work and personally. At the very beginning I felt resistance, I had difficulty getting emotions out. But through Therapeutic Coaching, Breathwork, RTT I found a new joy in me that hadn’t felt in a long time, a lot of release and re-awakening, finding myself and learning to enjoy life again. I’m so grateful that I met Alsu and that I went through this process of growth and learning. In one of my businesses the past 2 years were difficult, and I have had a hard time to get motivation, inspiration and figuring out how to move forward. And through the HTC program with Alsu I found new ideas within me and motivation sprouted again, and I have a lot of energy, motivation and resources within me to turn things around and get success. ​
Monika Chan
Monika Chan
Dentist, Entrepreneur
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Coaching with Alsu has enhanced my life in many aspects. I am more at ease with myself, my life and my relationships. I no longer feel like a victim of my past experiences, instead, I understand how I was shaped by them and am able to forgive myself and others involved. I can move forward and express myself, to enjoy living my life to its fullest. Alsu always asks me probing questions lovingly and skillfully, I feel safe to open up and unburden my painful experiences. I practised meditation, read books and courses but could not feel the peace, freedom and joy in the deepest part of my being. Intellectually I knew about the trauma I had, but only through working with Alsu I was able to actually release it from my body. The work is deep and very healing for me. Alsu is loving, supportive, professional and an expert. I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

2. Online Programs

Free Masterclass
Breathwork for Daily Bliss

6-week Transformative Self-Study Online Course

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3. In-Person Events

Join Transformational Events in Barcelona ​

Experience a transformative workshops at our in-person events in Barcelona, where personal evolution meets the warmth of human connection.
Each gathering is a uniquely designed journey of mind-body practices, movie screenings, breathwork, embodiment techniques, and heart-opening cacao ceremonies, all aimed to provide space for deeper self-discovery, reconnection to your inner truth, personal revelations and shifts, as well as deep connections. 

Step into a space of transformation and growth in the heart of Barcelona.

Make Your Event Memorable And Transformative: Public Speaking Engagements with Alsu ​

Step into the realms of deep transformation with Alsu. Inviting her to deliver a workshop at your event is an opportunity to create profound changes in your attendees, regardless of the size of the event. 

Her mastery in conveying complex concepts, from exploring non-ordinary states to fostering profound experiences, are highly adaptable to various settings – be it a ceremonial gathering, a mental health professionals’ meeting, a corporate event, or a conference for personal growth enthusiasts. With Alsu, transformative wisdom comes alive

Transformative Corporate Programs: Collaborate with Alsu for a More Resilient, Empowered Team

Harness the power of holistic wisdom to boost performance and wellness in your organization. Alsu, leveraging her unique background as a tech executive and holistic coach will co-create and deliver a long-lasting corporate program that enrich mental health, and foster a nurturing corporate culture.

Expect an integrative blend of theoretical instruction, immersive experiences, and practical exercises, with a sharp focus on outcomes such as stress management, confidence building, energy optimization, and robust team communication.

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