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My name is Alsu.

Since 15-years old I was pulled into personal growth. I was part of NGO, and we were organising personal growth festivals and programs for teenagers. My coach gave me book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach, since that time I knew that there is the Universe that supports us, I learnt visualisation, affirmations.

I understood that every person has limitless potential and the borders are only in our mind.

When I was 20-years old I was organising leadership programs and camps for youth in Russia in collaboration with Ministry of Education Russia.

Then I started learn meditation, yoga, and that’s how I joined Mindvalley, the company that creates transformational education and global movement of change-makers. I leant from the best teachers in the world, exploring health and nutrition programs, intuition and meditation, energy healing, belief system and more. I worked with my coach, who also became my spiritual teacher and helped me raise my level of consciousness and be aware about myself.

I went though my own journey on understanding who I am, embracing everything in me, accepting, forgiving, and healing the past.

When I found Breathwork, it became my number one tool of consciousness and self-development. So I started learn from different schools and when I found the school of conscious breathing, I went through certification program there.

So now it’s time to spread the message.

My mission

My mission is to raise the level of self-awareness and self-love in the world.

Through my personal progress of consciousness and self-mastery.

Through Breathwork and spreading the knowledge about its power so more people can enhance their lives on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Through creating experiences that will allow people raise consciousness.

My Principles

Daily practice – I practice everything that I teach on daily basis. I only teach what I proven by my own experience.

Continuous learning – I always learn and study on the topic I’m teaching and being student of life. I learn from great teachers, from books, courses, retreats and from my daily practice.

Staying humble – I teach what I know and I do it well. I teach not for Instagram or to feed my ego, but I operate from my heart and do what feels right.

Provide value in every instance of interaction with audience – everything I share should be useful for people who need it.

Transformation – I ensure that through my sessions people transform themselves, not only learn new concepts, but implement changes in their lives.

Authenticity – I learn from others,  I learnt different techniques but stay true to who I am and express myself authentically.

Open for collaboration – there are many people with similar mission and we can create, share knowledge. I’m open for collaboration.

My Key Values

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Collaboration and harmony
  • Growth
  • The Fullness of Life
  • Creation
  • Love and expression of love

My Trainings & Certifications

Certificate-Breathwork-Alsu Kashapova

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