Experience One Lesson of a 6-Week Wholistic Breathwork Journey with Renowned Breathwork Coach, Alsu Kashapova

Becoming a Loving Parent to Yourself

Reconnect to Your Inner Child and Heal Your Soul Through a Powerful Meditation from the Lesson 1 of Week 5
"Healing and Self-Love"

Does it ever feel like no matter how much you achieve or get everything right… that something is always missing?

Does it ever feel like no matter how much you achieve or get everything right… that something is always missing?

Your life looks successful and even perfect from the outside – but it doesn’t feel quite substantial, you feel emptiness. 

You feel overwhelmed, there’s a nagging stress that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much you accomplish every single day, it never feels good enough. 

You might experience anxiety regularly and you’re far from feeling completely at ease and you feel that you are just one straw away from a meltdown.

You know that there is a different type of success for you – emotional balance, fulfilment, being the most authentic self and unleashing your potential.  

A life with unshakeable inner peace, confidence, and purpose is very real.

And it all starts with your breathing.

Introducing a Breathwork Remedy to Transform Every Dimension of Your Life

We breathe about 1000 times an hour, more than 20,000 a day, and about 8-9 million times a year.
Most people only ever view the way they breathe as a response to a stimulus – such as stress or physical exertion.

What people don’t always realize is that the converse is also true.

You can, with the right breathing techniques, relieve stress, heal your body, manage your emotions, strengthen your immune system, boost energy levels, access deep healing experiences and powerful breakthroughs.

It’s the simplest, the most affordable and accessible tool to heal yourself.

No meditation cushion. No yoga mat. No special clothing.
All you need is your breath.

And the best part is, you can easily integrate Breathwork into your daily life without giving up more time. You can do it during walks, on the way to work, even during meetings.

We breathe about 1000 times an hour, more than 20,000 a day, and about 8-9 million times a year.
Most people only ever view the way they breathe as a response to a stimulus – such as stress or physical exertion.

What people don’t always realize is that the reverse is also true.

You can, with the right breathing techniques, relieve stress, heal your body, manage your emotions, strengthen your immune system, boost energy levels, access deep healing experiences and powerful breakthroughs.

It’s the simplest, the most affordable and accessible tool to heal yourself.

No meditation cushion. No yoga mat. No special clothing.
All you need is your breath.

And the best part is, you can easily integrate Breathwork into your daily life without giving up more time. You can do it during walks, on the way to work, even during meetings.

Introducing a Breathwork Remedy to Transform Every Dimension of Your Life

Wholistic Breathwork Takes It To a Whole New Level


It’s a holistic 360-degree health approach applied to Breathwork to lead you to the most powerful results.  Integrating shifts across all aspects of how you experience the world – body, emotions, mind and soul. You’ll experience modalities of various methods:

Ontological Learning - working with cultural and individual narratives, learning to work with rooted emotions, using somatic tendencies and the language of the body.

NLP and Hypnotherapy - identifying patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs, as well as shifting them through accessing the subconscious and altering your inner dialogue.

Self-love and Healing Inner child - reconnecting with the child-self through active visualisation, forgiveness, and healing childhood trauma, which is essential in therapy processes.

Transpersonal psychology - discovering on the spiritual aspects of human life to access an enhanced capacity for wisdom, higher meaning, unconditional love and compassion.

By the end of this journey, you’d have healed all your unresolved wounds, developed unshakeable confidence and security in who you are, and awaken your most authentic self.

You will become whole — be deeply aligned with your truth, with your soul, and feel complete, in harmony, and confident. 

Based on Science. Proven By Results

Many ancient eastern healing practices have long prescribed conscious breathing techniques as a means to rejuvenate the mind and body. But it is lately that science has caught up, proving how effective Breathwork really is at transforming our wellbeing. The Nobel Prize in Medicine 2019 was awarded for the discovery on how cells can sense and adapt to changing oxygen availability and varying levels of oxygen.1.

Here are five scientific facts of how Breathwork can impact your wellbeing:

Supercharged Energy Levels

Oxygen we inhale is used by the mitochondria and generates a surge of the energy molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is responsible for fuelling every cell in our body. Oxygen levels regulate fundamental physiological processes2. Without oxygen the body simply won’t be able to function. Using Breathwork, you can optimize the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. This has shown to dramatically boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system 3, the gastrointestinal tract 4, hormonal state, that leads to improved stamina and energy levels, ability to heal pain 5, control weight, improve focus and productivity 6.

Bulletproof Immune System

The amount of carbon dioxide present in our blood cells determines how much oxygen we can use. When we lose CO2 by over-breathing, it’s not able to regulate oxygen departure from the blood. CO2 also helps carry nitric oxide acting as an antibacterial agent.7 Dropped levels of oxygen lead to the increase of hypoxia-inducible factor and triggers heightened production of red blood cells1. It makes the immune system robust, prevents the growth of cancer cells8, accelerated performance, creativity enhancement, and can get into hyper charging your pineal gland to produce DMT naturally.

Emotional Balance

Your breathing is regulated by your nervous system, which in large happens automatically. However, research has also shown that it works both ways. By shifting the way you breathe, you can directly influence both your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system9, to decrease blood pressure10 and reduce stress levels11, promote relaxation, or boost your energy on demand12, combat anxiety13, depression14 and panic attacks15

Longevity Boost

Various Breathwork techniques have been shown to have a significant impact on lung capacity6. The famous Framingham study16 (which followed 5,200 individuals for three decades) demonstrated that the greatest predictor of health and longevity is lung capacity. Those with higher lung capacity were healthier and lived longer than those with decreased lung capacity.17

Awaken The Higher Self

Breathwork has a powerful impact on your brain. Studies have shown that with the right techniques, you can access the alpha state of mind18, an altered state of consciousness, which is associated with improved creativity, intuition and imagination. Breathwork has been proven to be a powerful tool for healing deep traumas19, facilitates psychotherapy in increasing self-awareness and healing deep spiritual aspects of human beings20

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Alsu Kashapova

Alsu is a Certified Breathwork Trainer with over 1200 hours of training in a range of different breathing methodologies – from Scientific Conscious Breathing to Pranayama and Rebirth Breathing.
She is also certified Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, Reiki and Sound Healer.

At the age of 19, she was awarded as a ‘Leader of the Future’ by the Minister of Education of Russian Federation. After a successful career as a Technology Executive, she shifted her path. She went through her transformational journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Now she is on a mission to help the world dramatically elevate their lives… One breath at a time.

She has taught Breathwork at international events and conferences, facilitated group sessions in front of thousands of participants, spoken on the TEDx stage, and conducted numerous private sessions for her clients. She has shared the stage with leading authors like Vishen Lakhiani, Srikumar Rao and Marisa Peer.


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What Others Had to Say About Alsu


"After the course I felt very relaxed, calm and inspired in daily life. I wanted to share with my teammates and everyone that I know. The practices by Alsu are something you can tangibly take home and do yourself again and again, so when you're feeling not yourself one of the best things is to stop to breathe. And when you take this time to just breathe for yourself, you're able to connect to yourself and find your superpower to take the next step.”

Darlyn Sandra Ty-Nilo

President, Viviamo! Inc


"Before I met Alsu I never heard of Breathwork, I knew about meditation, yoga and mindfulness, but not Breathwork. During the session I felt that it’s much more powerful than meditation. Because you can focus on specific issues or a certain burden or feeling sitting inside, that was never addressed before. It allowed us to let it go during the session. I felt lifted off, relieved, and really great after the session… It’s almost like a reborn…”

Arzumy MD

CTO of Fave


“I use all the breathing techniques every day! My relationships with my husband improved and we learnt so much about each other, we started doing gratitude together, cleansing breaths… I recommend this course to everyone! I was surprised how much I learnt during the course, it has a great impact on my and my husband’s lives. I have so much gratitude. Thank you so much!”

Tatyana Vishnevskaya

Store Manager Germany


"Alsu's breathwork session is as calm as the river and soft as feather. It's been a long while since I was taken out of my body as if I was renewed after months of struggling from so much blocks but it truly has cleansed me through and renewed me with myself… I highly recommend for you to go through Alsu's breathwork sessions if you'd want to clear your head, heal your soul, and start a new journey with alignment and flow.”

Kassy Pajarillo

Business Coach


“I found Alsu's breathwork session to be what I expected and more! As a coach, staying centred and energised is critical to being an effective coach. She had taught me and my event participants basic and intermediate techniques which I am still using today in my work..”

Tze Chin Tang

Enterprise Agile Coach & Community Organiser for Agile Malaysia

The Curriculum

Explore The 6-Weeks Wholistic Breathwork Journey

The 6-Weeks Wholistic Breathwork Journey is a truly remarkable coaching curriculum built based on years of testing and practice by Alsu Kashapova and her 8,000+ students from around the world. 

Each week is designed to deepen your self-awareness in one aspect of existence, learn its “language”, and use this information to get desired results in your life. Through this easy-to-follow process, you’ll emerge at the end of this journey with a permanent shift in you, and have the tools and a system to create those shifts in yourself.



Body Awareness



Emotional Awareness



Mind Awareness and Discovering Beliefs



Reconnecting With Your Soul



Healing and Self Love



Rebuilding Your Life

Learning That Fits Into Your Life

group breathwork

Behavioural psychology

This program was designed using the latest cutting edge learning design principles and behaviour change psychology that will reprogram you to discover yourself and to establish self-coaching habits.

Small bite-size content

Every day you’ll unlock new small-bite size lessons. Each lesson will include an informative video, practice or reflective exercise and workbook. It takes 20-30 min daily.


It’s a deep-rooted work and that’s why being a part of a community of like-minded people will be part of the learning experience.

What You’ll Learn

Gain Emotional Balance and Release Stuck Emotions

Boost your Energy Levels, Performance and Productivity

Strengthen Your Overall Health and Immunity

Gain Unshakable Confidence, Total Self-Love and Acceptance

Reconnect with Your Soul, and Step into Your Purposeful Path

Elevate Your Connections by Showing Up as Authentic and Centered Self

The Impact These Techniques Had On Lives Everywhere


“Alsu helped me on my personal breakthrough. I felt so much relief! I realised that I have been restricted for the whole 30 years of my life. So during that session I decided that I’m tired of this bullsh*t. I got up, and my whole energy bursted, and I felt so liberated and free!”

Leong Chan

Co-Founder, CMO,
Facilitator @Cavemen Global


"It's a powerful and emotional journey, I found myself sobbing during Breathwork sessions. I felt so different both physically and emotionally, super positive, super uplifted, energetic. I was just almost.. I don’t know, flying! I couldn’t stop jumping around and dancing. I just felt so good, so light, so positive, it was just amazing."

Alla Berdnikova

Personal Stylist & Interior Decorator


Breathing exercises that Alsu taught us completely blew my mind. I knew that Breathing is such an important part of our life, as someone who does a lot of speaking, I knew that it’s important for me to stay in low stress, stay calm, and to be able to maintain energy. But what she did was absolutely mind-blowing. It truly changed the way I live, and the way I breathe!

Gil Petersil

Mastermind Strategist, Global Speaker,
Business Strategist


"Alsu will guide through powerful breakthroughs while holding you in a gentle, nurturing way as you work through what is holding you back and what is keeping you stuck in life. Alsu supported me with her breathwork through stressful situations in my personal relationships and helped me discover and unpack one of the most powerful blocks that came from my childhood that I had not seen up to that moment - despite working with other world class teachers.”

Eni Selfo


$1199 Worth of Bonuses Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1

3 x Live Group Calls with Alsu Kashapova (Worth $500)

These LIVE calls are your direct line to getting personalized advice from Alsu for your specific life situation. Alsu usually charges hundreds for private group sessions such as these, but you get it free when you join now. This bonus is only available for this first intake of students only.

Bonus #2

Lifetime Access to Private Wholistic Breathwork Facebook Group (Worth $99)

You’ll gain access to a community of supportive and like-minded people like yourself from all over the world. You’ll be able to connect with others, find an accountability partner, share experiences, ask questions, and maybe even make a few friends for life.

Bonus #3

Lifetime Access to 6 Powerful Breathwork Audio Recordings (Worth $300)

To make your journey a truly experiential one, we wanted to make sure you have all the resources you need to break through. So we included Alsu’s signature Breathwork Journeys. You get lifetime access to 6 of her most transformational journeys. They are deep and shift you to your very core. Experience them for free when you join now.

Bonus #4

Lifetime access to 6 Breathwork Morning Routines (Worth $300)

Lasting change comes from consistency. And consistency comes from creating habits that will be with you forever, that’s why we are including 6 of Alsu’s most powerful morning routines to accompany you for each week of the 6 weeks -- completely complimentary.

Don’t Decide Now - Try It For 10 Days Risk-Free

Alsu is on a mission to help the world dramatically elevate their lives, one breath at a time.

Which is why she decided to make the 6-Weeks Wholistic Breathwork Journey to be accessible to everyone at just $249.

We are certain this will be the single BEST investment you can make for yourself and for your life. To prove it, you receive an unconditional 10-day guarantee.

If you don’t notice a significant difference in the way you think or the way you feel over the next 10 days (after joining and starting the program)… just write an email to support@alsukashapova.com and you’ll receive a full, 100% refund on the program.

Just join today to test drive the journey and the guarantee will automatically apply.

You don’t have to say YES right now, you only have to say MAYBE.

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Join The 6-Week Wholistic Breathwork Journey

What You Will Get:

Total Value: $1698

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Stories About The Power of Wholistic Breathwork


"Alsu is a very professional and wise master who feels what you need and does all the possible to help you to succeed in your goals. I made great progress in terms of my emotional stability. Her sessions helped me a lot to break through during tough times, as well as to achieve my goals in different areas of life.”

Ekaterina Nagibina



"... It was the best workshop, the most impactful session during our 3-day event. People loved it, they discovered something very new and for our surprise we had such a wonderful, deep meaningful time with Alsu… Even after several months, people still meet me and they talk about the session with Alsu. Very very impactful."

Rafael Nacif​

Founder of Desperta, the largest personal development event in Portugal


"I have been practicing Breathwork that I learn from Alsu for a few years now. And it’s something amazing! I’m using her recommendations and techniques for my daily busy life. Even when I’m busy with my family, work - I can always do some technique for a few minutes. It helps me come back to the awareness point of my life - of my body, mind, and balancing my heart and my mind…”

Victoria Contoret

Writer, Author,
Spiritual Transformation Trainer


Alsu is able to bring you out of your head, into another realm, where the body, mind and soul connects. I felt an incredible sense of lightness where a lot of blockages were cleared. I felt a deep sense of calm, really clear in the head, and fully alive. I understood what abundance feels like where everything is possible. I would rate Alsu as one of the best Breathwork Facilitators in the world and would recommend her courses as a must do if you want to relieve your stress or anxiety or if you want to reconnect with your deeper self.”

Michael Lim

Co-Founder, OhanaJo Studio


"During Breathwork practice, I felt so much electric energy inside me, vibrating and making my hands and legs feel like electricity was passing through them. I felt connected to a higher energy, the Source, and it was quite overwhelming. I was released stuck emotions throughout the course, I am thankful for her care and support.”

Krishna Chaitanya Bathina

Proprietor at Pure Trust Trading & Consultancy


The course is designed to fit into your life. 

Every weekday, you’ll receive a 15-min morning routine, and a short video with a lesson of the day. The lesson usually includes practice such as breathwork or reflection exercise.

After you’re done with practices, you can go to our private Facebook community to share your experience and learn from others. 

During weekends – it’s your integration time. You can go back to any lesson if you want to. And there is a custom breathwork journey for 20-40 minutes. 

Time to time, we’ll have Q&A sessions and do breathwork together LIVE. 

Each day builds up on the last, and you’ll enjoy a rewarding sense of progress (that leads to permanent change) with minimal time spent.

Breathwork is a simple yet powerful practice of consciously changing your breathing patterns to promote key physiological changes in mind, body and emotions.

A growing body of scientific research on breathwork has shown a wide array of benefits: from reducing stress, promoting relaxation, heightened focus, elevated energy levels to boosting immunity. 

Breathwork is an effective tool for healing and deepening relationships with self.

Overall, breathing is a natural process for all human beings, and there are many practices that are safe for all, for all life situations and conditions. 

However some practices might have restrictions or should be adjusted for these conditions: some forms of intense breathing (when you breathe deep and/or fast) is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, problems with the cardiovascular system, depression or chronic panic attacks. 

In this case, we usually recommend our students to adjust the practice to be more gentle, by slowing down your breath or changing other parameters of breathing.

There will be a myriad of methods including:

  • Awareness practices – observation, meditation, reflections. 
  • Subconscious reprogramming coaching tools. 
  • Active visualisation, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Self-love. 
  • Movement and dancing, working with Archetypes and more. 

All practices are hand-picked and tested by many students and by Alsu herself after years of testing, saving you all that time.

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Join The 6-Week Wholistic Breathwork Journey

What You Will Get:

Total Value: $1698

Join The 6-Week Wholistic Breathwork Journey Today For Only