A NEW Masterclass from Renowned Breathwork Coach, Alsu Kashapova

Discover Simple Breathing Techniques That Can Radically Shift You Into Everyday Bliss

Learn How to Melt Stress Away, Access Unshakeable Confidence and Step Into Your Full Self with Breathwork

A NEW Masterclass from Renowned Breathwork Coach, Alsu Kashapova

Discover Simple Breathing Techniques That Can Radically Shift You Into Everyday Bliss

Learn How to Melt Stress Away, Access Unshakeable Confidence and Step Into Your Full Self with Breathwork

50 mins
Lives Transformed
7900 +
Healing Breathwork Session
0 mins

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In this Masterclass, you'll discover

How to Use Your Breath To Transform Any Aspect of Your Life

Change the way you breathe, change the way you live. Discover easy breathing techniques you can use to directly influence your nervous system, boost your immunity, shift your mood and connect to your soul.

Dissolve All Your Stress Rapidly in Just 3 Minutes

Emotions and breathing are tightly linked. Each emotion has a specific pattern of breathing that goes with it. Discover a unique breathwork practice that shifts your stress into total tranquility. You can do this anytime and anywhere without special equipment.

Heal Unresolved Wounds and Step Into Your Whole Full Self

Learn how to tap into the resources of your soul, clear your emotional baggage, access your intuition, and open up your soul to incredible breakthroughs.

Experience a Powerful Healing 15-Minute Breathwork Session

Designed to deepen your awareness and access your subconscious beliefs. You’ll experience rapid shifts and step into your full whole self (this is the same technique Alsu uses with her private clients to trigger deep, conscious, and lasting transformation.)

and so much more...

On Mindvalley Stage
Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival
Training 1-1


Alsu Kashapova

Alsu is a Certified Breathwork Trainer with over 1000 hours of training in a range of different breathing methodologies – from conscious breathing techniques like energy breathing, stress management, deep relaxation, health improvement and longevity, spiritual liberation, to Pranayama, Rebirth breathing.

She is on a mission to help the world dramatically elevate their lives… One breath at a time.

She spent the last 5 years studying breathwork to help people become more aware, and to step in their full self.

She has taught Breathwork at international events and conferences, facilitated group sessions in front of thousands of participants, spoken on the TEDx stage, and conducted numerous private sessions for her clients. She has shared the stage with leading authors like Vishen Lakhiani, Srikumar Rao and Marisa Peer.

She is also a Reiki Healer and Sound Therapist.


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What Others Had to Say About Alsu


"Before I met Alsu I never heard of Breathwork, I knew about meditation, yoga and mindfulness, but not Breathwork. During the session I felt that it’s much more powerful than meditation. Because you can focus on specific issues or a certain burden or feeling sitting inside, that was never addressed before. It allowed us to let it go during the session. I felt lifted off, relieved, and really great after the session… It’s almost like a reborn…”

Arzumy MD

CTO of Fave


"Alsu will guide through powerful breakthroughs while holding you in a gentle, nurturing way as you work through what is holding you back and what is keeping you stuck in life. Alsu supported me with her breathwork through stressful situations in my personal relationships and helped me discover and unpack one of the most powerful blocks that came from my childhood that I had not seen up to that moment - despite working with other world class teachers. ”

Eni Selfo



"... It was the best workshop, the most impactful session during our 3-day event. People loved it, they discovered something very new and for our surprise we had such a wonderful, deep meaningful time with Alsu… Even after several months, people still meet me and they talk about the session with Alsu… Very very impactful..."

Rafael Nacif​

Founder of Desperta, the largest personal development event in Portugal


“I found Alsu's breathwork session to be what I expected and more! As a coach, staying centred and energised is critical to being an effective coach. She had taught me and my event participants basic and intermediate techniques which I am still using today in my work..”

Tze Chin Tang

Enterprise Agile Coach & Community Organiser for Agile Malaysia


"Alsu's breathwork session is as calm as the river and soft as feather. It's been a long while since I was taken out of my body as if I was renewed after months of struggling from so much blocks but it truly has cleansed me through and renewed me with myself… I highly recommend for you to go through Alsu's breathwork sessions if you'd want to clear your head, heal your soul, and start a new journey with alignment and flow.”

Kassy Pajarillo

Business Coach


"I have never done it before, it was my first time. But I did a few personal growth and spiritual awakening sessions before. She helped me on my personal breakthrough. I felt so much relief! I realised that I have been restricted for the whole 30 years of my life. So during that session I decided that I’m tired of this Bullshit. I got up, and my whole energy bursted, and I felt so liberated and free! I highly recommend attending Alsu’s Breathwork. It’s truly amazing and personalised."

Leong Chan

Co-Founder, CMO,
Facilitator @Cavemen Global

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