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 Here is an audio journey for Healing the Inner Child:[audio mp3=""][/audio]This is a powerful healing journey; you will be mentally travelling to your childhood to heal and upgrade your inner child.Ensure that you have a safe and uninterrupted space for yourself for the length of...

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Grow Emotional IQ

Grow Your Emotional IQ with this Model of Classification of Emotions: There are many classifications of emotions. This one is based on the work of Karla McLaren and Newfield Network’s Tong Yee. ⁣⁣ It helps to expand the emotional vocabulary, using commonly agreed language or metaphors. Naming...

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The Wisdom Of Trauma Summary Notes

The Wisdom of Trauma - Summary Notes. Behind many epidemics of society, like crime, addiction, depression, the rise of physical illnesses like cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases there is always trauma. It’s time to start asking not only “Why addiction/crime?” but “Why the pain?”; shifting “What’s wrong...

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