What to do and eat in KL


  • Taxi – Grab app, can pay by cash or attach a card
  • Find places – Foursquare, trip adviser
  • “Metro” – LRT, MRT, Monorel, KTM – these are all public “train-type” of transport
  • From/To Airport:
    Option 1: get Grab (especially if you’re few people) – costs 65 or 75 RM, the most comfy option.
    Option 2: to take express train KLIA express – if you want to skip traffic – it will bring you to KL Sentral station, (then from there you can get a cab or take LRT to your place of stay).
    Option 3: cheap option – take a bus – 10 RM or so, but it takes 1.5 h at least – brings you to KL Sentral station. They operate specific hours, check online what’s their schedule.

General principles 

  • if you have couple of days – include rooftop bar with a view to personas twin towers, enjoy the food, and visit popular attractions
  • if you’re here for a week – go travel Malaysia (Langkawi, Perhentians, Tioman, Cameroon Highlands, Penang, Melaka, Ipoh Caves and Waterfalls, Elephant Sanctuary – all recommended)
  • Eat different cuisine every meal, the number of meals – that’s how you plan your time here.
  • Do a massage or at least reflexology.
  • Chill by the pool as part of your trip.
  • Take into consideration traffic jam around 6-7 pm when you plan your activities
  • Rent an Airbnb apartment with cool view and the infinity pool
Ok, now go to lists: 
  • If you don’t have much time, pick #1 place from the list, they are ranked by me
  • Types of food are also in a ranking manner, from top to bottom what type of food you should definitely try here (personal judgement)
  • Check location of the place
  1. Rooftop bar with city view

Go there for sunset (at 6-6.30 and stay until the dark side will cover the city to enjoy city vibe and Petronas lights.)
  1. Food 

2.1 North Indian

What to eat: palak paneer (cottage cheese), butter chicken, samosa, chaat masala, paratha.

2.2 Thai

What to eat: tom yam, pineapple rice, steamed fish, pad thai, mango salad, coconut ice-cream!!
  • Tamarind Hill (Thai food AND nice atmosphere, a bit over priced)
  • Absolute Thai (Bangsar Shopping centre)
  • Ben Brothers in Jalan Alor (Street food, cheap, mamak style seating)

2.3 Arabic food

What to eat: Hummus

2.4. South Indian ‘

What to eat: food served on banana leaf
  • Banana Leaf in Bangsar Village (Sri Nirwana Maju Restaurant Bangsar (Banana Leaf)
  • Saravana Bhavan (eat aloo masala Dosa there)
  • Vegetarian indian – lorong kurau, bangsar
  • Betel Leaf

2.5 Chinese 

What to eat: Seafood is great. People also like duck, Dim sum, pork.

  • Crabs/Seafood – wong poh in aman suria in PJ
  • Crab – 🦀 Lala Chong seafood in Ara Damansara. Yummy
  • Village Roast Duck place (there are few of them, you can go for Bangsar Village, eat duck spring rolls there)
  • Madame kwan
  • Ming Room BSC (non halal)
  • Try Dim Sum (Dolly Dim Sum or others)
  • Yutt Kee (good for breakfast)
  • Ampang Fong Fong Yong Tau Fu, Plaza Batai (for lunch)

2.6 Malaysian 

What to eat:  nasi lemak, teh tarik (it’s milk tea), sarawak laksa
  • for good nasi lemak go to Village Park https://www.facebook.com/Village-Park-Restaurant-1639483826264341
  • for chicken rice n noodles – NAM HEONG, nicest outlet is The Starling or pavilion
  • Serai (halal)
  • for nyonya – AUNTY NAT in Hartamas
  • for chicken rice (non-halal) – CHOON YEN @happy mansion (must go early) then walking distance, beautiful desert at Xiao by crustz or tanuki by crustz
  • BIJAN – Fine dining Malaysian http://www.bijanrestaurant.com
  • for sarawak Laksa –  Alexis is not bad
  • Ali Muthu Ah Hock – good for breakfast
  • Grandmamas – for lunch
  • Santai TTDI – for dinner
  • Nasi Kandar – for dinner
  • Mums Place – nyonya – for dinner

2.7 Japanese

  • Mei by fat spoon in Hartamas
  • Butaya izakaya in Hartamas
  • Ichi Zen in Pavilion
  • Lucky Tora (modern, bar)

2.8 Italian 

  • Monna Lisa (in Hartamas) – by Alessio is the best pizza in town 
  • La rRsata
pasta bella – lorong kurau

2.9 Healthy

  • Fittie sense (Bangsar Village)
  • The Park Life (Sphere)
  • Superfoods (near Nadi Bangsar)

2.10 Vegan & Vegetarian 

  • Raw
  • Barat (vegetarian Mediterranean)
  • Ganga
  • WTF
  • Kind kones

2.11 Breakfast


  • Yellow Brick Road (nice vibes and good food)
  • If only https://www.facebook.com/IfOnlyK
  • Three little pigs and bad big wolf (keto-friendly menu too)
  • Der Backmeister (TTDI) – home made bread, they also have avocado egg sandwich with the best bread
  • Wildhoney in Pavilion
  • Tommy Le Baker
  • Kenny Hills Baker


  • Ali Muthu Ah Hock – malay
  • Yutt Kee – Chineese

2.12 Western & other 

  • Roost in Bangsar Village
  • Barat  (vegetarian Mediterranean)
  • KGB MidValley or Bangsar Village – burgers, sweet potato fries is great there.
  • Burger Lab (my colleagues really like burgers there, but they don’t have good vegetarian options)
  • Astana (Kazakh & Russian food)
  • Antipodean (it’s a chain) – Australian owner
  • Frisky Goat – for lunch
  • Pinchos Tapas Bar

2.13 Ice cream – Kind kones

vegan ice-cream- and vegan cakes – my addiction here!!!

2.14 Fusion 

  • Wildflowers cafe kl (nice ambience too, the most instagrammable cafe) (https://www.facebook.com/wildflowers.kl/)
  • Huck’s cafe (it’s like home, you need to book in advance) – great for a date!
  • Marmalade in Bangsar Village
  1. Attractions 

KLCC area

  • KLCC square and Petronas
  • Jalan Alor – An actually food street (also you can get massages around the area)
  • Jalan Changkat – party place (also you can get massages around the area)

KL sentral area

  • Lake Gardens
  • Birds Park
  • Butterfly Park
  • Little India
  • Mindvalley HQ office – one of the coolest offices in the world (one station away)

China town area

  • Central Market
  • Merdeka Square – there are also museums
  • China town


  • Orchid observatory (book in advance, 110 RM per person for high tea)
  • Batu Caves – only if you didn’t see enough Buddhas, go there early in the morning, you need to hike stairs so you don’t want it hot.
  • Visit Chinese temple
  1. Self-care 


  • Thai massage (http://thaiodyssey.com)
  • Chinese massage – EverHealth
  • Balineese massage –
  • Reflexology – Sifu

Yoga, healing

  • Ohanajo studio – the best wellness centre
  • Flow yoga studio
  • For crystal healer pm
  • Zerogravity KL in Hartamas

Manicure/Pedicure – Boudoir in Bangsar Village

     5. Cafes, bars for different purposes:

         Cafes to work from: 

  • Aether cafe (TTDI)
  • Meet Joe in Bangsar village
  • Aku cafe (china town)

       Hipster cafes and places

  • PULP – for good coffee, in Bangsar, the area is quite hipsterish
  • Merchant line
  • Cafe Amo -order 3D coffee – it’s in China town
  • Publica – it’s a mall, but a cool one, there are some exhibitions usually, etc.
  • VCR – near China town or Bangsar
  • Owl cafe

         Bars with live music to hear local artists

  • No Black Tie
  • Gaslight Cafe
  • The Bee in Publika
  • Bobo cafe

          Party places:

(note: this list might be old, don’t know much of party places these days)

  • Changkat street
  • Trek (Red Room club is with good DJs)


6. Malls  (for cinema, shopping, karaoke) 

  • Midvalley Mall
  • Pavilion
  • NU sentral
  • KLCC
  • Crystal shops –

7. Adventures, activities, fun times

      Fun activities 30 min away from city center:

  • Wakeboarding in Putrajaya
  • Iron man water walk
  • Climbing in Batu caves
  • Go karting
  • Horse-riding
  • Hike Bukit Tabur
  • Paintball


      Activities in the city:

  • Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Karaoke
  • Escape room (in Midvalley)
  • VR games
  • Dining in the dark
  • Zero gravity flying activity
  • Trampoline Park
  • Climbing in the gym


  • KLCC park – beautiful, many different trees and flowers
  • Lake Gardens – huge park
  • Desa Park (Dogs)
  • Taman Rimba Kiara (if you’re around TTDI)
  • Bukit Gasing – trails for hiking
Recommended day packages:
Day options:
#1  “Indian touch”
Lake Gardens + Bird/ Butterfly Park
Little India
Indian food (WTF)
You can visit Mindvalley office after
#2  “Chinese fusion” 
China town+ Merdeka square+Central market
Chinese food
Chinese temple
#3 Central area 
Petronas + KLCC Park
Then you can go to China town + Merdeka area
For evening
– Heli Lounge Bar (go there before sunset, around 6.30 pm you should be there)
– then go to Jalan Alor – street food, go to Beh Brother restourant in the end of Chagkat street
leave some space for Coconut ice cream – Sankyaya ice-cream, go back a bit from Beh Brothers
– Jalan Changkat – party / reflexology
– Go for Indian food
– Massage (because you will be sleepy after all the Indian gravings and carbs 😀 )
– Fuego restaurant – BOOK in advance
– KLCC – take photos with petronas at night

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