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Is your success becoming your worst enemy?

Right now, you’re probably sitting at your desk late into the night. 

Your desk is bundled with unfinished tasks and overflowing email inboxes, which seem to multiply by the hour. 

The weight of your professional responsibilities is immense, like a boulder pressing against your chest, making it hard to breathe. 

You’re successful. You’ve climbed that corporate ladder or built your own business empire, and your accomplishments are there for all to see. You’re proud of yourself. You just expanded your role or business. 

But yet, you sit there, wide-eyed, feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the verge of burnout. 

Success has become like a wild, unchecked flame – all-consuming and leaving you with a hollowness you can’t ignore. 

In spite of your achievements, fulfilment appears to be a far-off dream, as elusive as smoke slipping through your fingers. 

Your relationships, health, and energy levels are all bearing the brunt of your professional success.

The fast-paced business reality leaves you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? 

Do you feel a sense of exhaustion that seems to be seeping into every area of your life, leaving you unfulfilled despite your many accomplishments? 

Do emotions bubble up unannounced, derailing your decision-making abilities and overall mental health?

If this sounds familiar, do not blame yourself. 

You are not alone. In our quest for success, many of us neglect the most significant dimension of our lives – our holistic well-being. 

But what if I told you that you can realign your life in harmony with your personal and professional aspirations, without the constant threats of burnout and emotional turmoil?

Imagine for a moment that this is not your reality anymore. 

Picture having a healthy life where your business growth and inner peace coexist

Envision achieving without sacrificing personal relationships, health or peace of mind. 

Reflect on mastering the art of emotional resilience, so the stressors of the professional world don’t topple you over.

This is not a pipedream; it’s an achievable reality. And we are here to show you how. You don’t need to spend a lifetime battling pressure, burnout, and a sense of void despite your busy schedule.

After shifting my career from Tech Executive and years of applying various modalities and getting certified by world-class teachers like Gabor Mate, Richard Schwartz, Marisa Peer, Dan Brule and Leonard Orr, I’m ready to give you the right solution. 

I know that you don’t have so much time and money to spend so many learning different techniques and courses or staying in therapy for years.That’s why working with my clients and studying with experts I created a robust program where I bring you world-class solution-oriented modalities in one package.

So I’m proud to present…. 

Introducing "Align and Shine"

Welcome to 3-months Blended Coaching & Retreat Program, an authentic path to personal fulfillment, inner peace, love, health, and success. 

This program is curated for entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals like you who may be feeling overwhelmed, disconnected from their passion, or simply longing for a richer and more satisfying life experience. 

The experience includes Group Immersions, Private Transformational Sessions and Physical Retreats that will lead you to a vibrant and thriving life. 

Harness globally renowned solution-based tools: Ontological Coaching, Compassionate Inquiry, Energy Leadership, Breathwork, Embodiment, Hypnosis, and Mindfulness and integrate transformation into your daily life:

  • Live from your core essence, making decisions effortlessly
  • Cultivate emotional resilience and serenity
  • Boost vitality and health
  • Channel passion and creativity
  • Connect deeply with others
That’s the transformation you can expect by Align and Thrive Program – a path to finding your unique rhythm, a journey to coming home to yourself, and an invitation to truly thrive in all aspects of your life.

Not just surviving, but thriving. Not just achieving, but fulfilling. 

Not just living, but shining. 

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey to a life of alignment with your inner essence?

Hi, I'm Alsu

Now, it’s time to meet your expert guide on this transformative journey – Alsu Kashapova.

An accomplished Tech Executive turned holistic transformational coach, Alsu found her purpose in helping people realign with their inner essence. 

As the proud founder of Wholistic Breathwork, she’s amassed over 3000 impressive hours coaching individuals like yourself—supporting them to navigate the challenging and rewarding path to self-discovery. 

Her journey, integrating scientific conscious breathing, rapid transformational hypnotherapy, sound healing, ontological coaching, and compassionate inquiry, has personally impacted a thriving community of over 8000 people. 

Not only has Alsu shared her insights at international conferences, including TEDx, but she’s also rubbed shoulders with industry greats such as Gabor Maté, Marisa Peer, Leonard Orr, Vishen Lakhiani, and Srikumar Rao. With Alsu, you’re choosing a life rich with fulfilled relationships, better health outcomes, increased career satisfaction, and robust inner peace. 

She’s devoted to your quest for authentic existence—preparing you to follow your bliss and learn patterns integral to your journey. 

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Experience The Most Effective Ways to Align with Your Essence

Expand With Breathwork

Breathwork isn’t just a technique; it’s a science-backed path to holistic health and heightened consciousness.
By harnessing specific breathing techniques, you not only release trapped emotions but also align with your Higher Self.
My 7-year mastery in Breathwork equips you with daily practices, therapeutic breathing formats like Rebirth Breathing and Pranayama in Malaysia, and Vivation. Together, we’ll unlock your body’s natural potential for self-healing and transformation.

Unlock Your Potential With Compassionate Inquiry

Dive into your inner world to address the root causes that might be holding you back. Using a psychotherapeutic approach inspired by Dr. Gabor Maté, you’ll reveal the layers beneath your external facade.
By merging conversational and somatic methods, you’ll connect with your emotions, heal your inner child, and reshape the narratives you’ve believed about yourself. This journey paves the way for a refreshed self-image and a kinder inner dialogue.

Rewire Your Beliefs With Hypnosis

Unlock profound change that originate from within. Embrace the effectiveness of Rapid Transformational Therapy—a comprehensive approach that synergizes hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Delve deeply to pinpoint and surmount the barriers in your way, understand their root causes, and reframe your foundational beliefs. With this, you won’t just dream of success; you’ll be poised to achieve it.

What People Say


Alsu helps me see possible paths and I choose willingly. She makes me feel comfortable with change and growth. Through our sessions I see my past (no matter how painful it has been) as a powerful strength. Through our work, I improved my relationship with my parents. I see them with more love these days! And I feel comfortable as I am. Complete as I am. Enough as I am. I have read books on these topics, attended training, but only through the program with Alsu made me experience it. I feel happy, hopeful, inspired, and light after our sessions. After working with you for a while, my days are mostly delighted, bright and more straightforward. I am way more patient now, especially dealing with people. People used to tell me I had so much passion for life, but I lost that and didn't know if I could even get back there, now I feel like myself again!

Kalaiarasi Manikam

Founding Director, NorthStar Global Training System,


I’m an entrepreneur; I have several businesses, startup and more established one. I worked with Alsu, because I had difficulties at work and personally. At the very beginning I felt resistance, I had difficulty getting emotions out. But through Therapeutic Coaching, Breathwork, RTT I found a new joy in me that hadn’t felt in a long time, a lot of release and re-awakening, finding myself and learning to enjoy life again. I’m so grateful that I met Alsu and that I went through this process of growth and learning. In one of my businesses the past 2 years were difficult, and I have had a hard time to get motivation, inspiration and figuring out how to move forward. And through the HTC program with Alsu I found new ideas within me and motivation sprouted again, and I have a lot of energy, motivation and resources within me to turn things around and get success.

Angela Gaspar

Founder & Director Discovery Reports Group Limited Founder & Director COCO by Angela

What The Program Will Look Like

Thursday Day 1:
Arrival And Unwind

Friday Day 2
Unpack Who You're not

Saturday Day 3
Align To Essence

Sunday Day 4

1. Preparation

Embark on a transformative journey in four phases: shed old layers, connect to your essence, and live with newfound wisdom.

Each of our 1.5-2 hour Group Immersions combining Proven Mindset Frameworks,  Coaching & Inquiry, Breathwork, and Embodiment techniques.

Here is our curriculum for calls in October – December: 

  1. Un-become: Dive into self-awareness and address patterns. 
  2. Un-become: Turn resistance into resilience with Self-Inquiry, Movement & Breathwork.
  3. Liberate: Heal your inner child, and fall in love with all parts of yourself.
  4. Empower: Create a strong supportive self-talk and make your mind work towards your benefit rather than against it; 
  5. Align to Essence: Deeply connect with your values and purpose. 
  6. Express: Ignite passion through creative exploration.
  7. Thrive: Reflect on your year and discover life’s meaning.
  8. Thrive: Set your intentions for the year ahead.

Join us and reshape your journey.

2. Reset Yourself with In-Person Retreat

Unearth your true essence and reclaim your power in a transformative retreat, where you rediscover, heal, and flourish. Nestled in a magical Spanish farmhouse, bask in the serenity and charm, where nature meets heritage.

Our holistic approach blends rejuvenating activities with transformative sessions to curate an experience like no other:

Day 1 (08.11): Arrival and heartfelt connections.

Day 2 (09.11): Dive deep into self-discovery. Liberate from internal barriers, and fortify resilience. Activities: Ice Bath, Group Transformational Workshops, and two Breathwork experiences.

Day 3 (10.11): Heal your inner child and heal original parental connections. Grow your inner nurturing voice. Highlights: Cacao ceremony, Forest walk, Group Workshops, two Breathwork sessions, and Fireplace chats.

Day 4 (11.11): Prepare with a Breathwork session for the Plant-based Manifestation ceremony on the special date of 11.11. Engage in Art expressions and a transformative Sound Journey. Connect to Higher force and expand.

Day 5 (12.11): Breathe life into your dreams, and culminate with a celebratory dinner and ecstatic dance.

Day 6 (13.11): Conclude with an invigorating Ice Bath, an Integration Circle, followed by a farewell lunch.

Embark on this soulful voyage to redefine, celebrate, and embrace your true self.

3. Integration

Three Holistic Transoformational Sessions

During each 1.5-hour session, we’ll integrate psychosomatic inquiry and coaching. You’ll identify inner blockages in the way of your vision, uncover original narratives behind them,  liberate and release somatic memories and reframe beliefs. 

  • You’ll integrate all parts of yourself into wholeness, experience immediate changes in your life and business, and feel more calm, free and more confident.

One Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Session

Additionally to make the best out of it, you'll access...


7-Day Introduction Course: Create Habits And Vision


Private Group

What You’ll Learn

Create Life Beyond Your Career, Ensuring Wellness, Peace And Fulfilment

Channel Your Energy And Time For Sustained Vitality and Enthusiasm

Uncover Your True Self, Grow Self-Acceptance and Confidence

Stay Peaceful During Challenges, Gain Emotional Resilience

Reconnect with Your Soul, and Step into Your Purposeful Path

Elevate Your Connections by Showing Up as Authentic and Centered Self

Monika Chan

Coaching with Alsu has enhanced my life in many aspects. I am more at ease with myself, my life and my relationships. I no longer feel like a victim of my past experiences, instead, I understand how I was shaped by them and am able to forgive myself and others involved. I can move forward and express myself, to enjoy living my life to its fullest. Alsu always asks me probing questions lovingly and skillfully, I feel safe to open up and unburden my painful experiences. I practised meditation, read books and courses but could not feel the peace, freedom and joy in the deepest part of my being. Intellectually I knew about the trauma I had, but only through working with Alsu I was able to actually release it from my body. The work is deep and very healing for me. Alsu is loving, supportive, professional and an expert. I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

Monika Chan

Entrepreneur, Dentist

Ronan 2

Alsu has emotional empathy, sensitivity, and understanding beyond I can explain, I feel connected, understood, magical. Also, seeing things beyond this present energy, magical empathy and clairvoyance. She is able to create a space of safety, to go somewhere that is not easy to express, to go to a deeper corner of yourself. She masterfully does shifting from body-mind-body. So I won’t avoid feelings, I’ve learned to stay with them. I can access the root causes of issues that I’m facing, I can understand and access stories from childhood and heal them with her. Sessions are going beyond psyche, out-of-body experiences, and insights. It’s a great combination of therapy, coaching and somatic work, it goes out of proportion in a beautiful way. Alsu is a gift to me and to my life. I feel the most blessed, liberated and free after working together and I have a new level of self-acceptance as never before.

Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Author and Head of Health & Fitness at Mindvalley

$600 Worth of Bonuses Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1

Lifetime Access to 6 Powerful Breathwork Audio Recordings (Worth $300)

To make your journey a truly experiential one, we wanted to make sure you have all the resources you need to break through. So we included Alsu’s signature Breathwork Journeys. You get lifetime access to 6 of her most transformational journeys. They are deep and shift you to your very core. Experience them for free when you join now.

Bonus #2

Lifetime access to 6 Breathwork Morning Routines (Worth $300)

Lasting change comes from consistency. And consistency comes from creating habits that will be with you forever, that’s why we are including 6 of Alsu’s most powerful morning routines to accompany you for each week of the 6 weeks -- completely complimentary.

Jason Marc Campbell

I was looking for things that would help me regain focus, lower my anxiety, and make me productive again. Doing Holistic Therapy with Alsu was surprisingly one of the most effective methods that actually could bring me back to my life. She combines breathwork, coaching and other modalities that allowed me to have breakthroughs with my own body. She offered the right exercises at the right time and had an intuitive feel of how many sessions I needed. You'll realize how powerful she is and how helpful that can be for whatever you're going through in your life right now.

Jason Mark Campbell

Author of Sell with Love, Consultant and Podcaster

This work had helped me go to deeper parts of myself that I could not simply reach through inner reflection. I was surprised when old wounds pertaining to my relationship with my mother came up for healing. I was able to go there because Alsu, a healer, can carry you into your deepest darkest spaces. She is loving and thoughtful always. She is a strong clairvoyant. Her presence allows for deep work, and I felt like I could go deep within my cells and my subconscious for healing if I was willing. I was, and thankfully I had a healer who was equally ready to take me there and support me. I would recommend her to anyone ready to truly heal and have recommended her to some of my clients.

Dawn Marie

Life Coach/Psychic


Holistic Therapeutic Coaching experience was incredibly valuable, it transformed my life. I was able to work with my unconsciousness, and it helped me to manifest things in my life in quickly. I learn to transform situations in my life fast. The work was critical for me in this point, to work with deeper subconscious parts. I also did Breathwork and through an additional online course that I got, I created a habit of my morning routine, it helps me in my daily life and become essential for me. I highly recommend this Therapeutic Coaching for everybody. I got fast results and started manifesting things I wanted.

Maria Laura Peralta

Senior Clinical Audiology Specialist,

Alsu has been someone who has made a significant impact in my life in a relatively short period of time. I received a consistent and stable support and was able to do exploration of my own unique history and situation. I am able to count on her for that insight and stability. I admire her intuitive nature and feel she is able to relate and understand without judgement. She is able to provide blend psychological exploration with other holistic modalities, and lifestyle protocols which work well together when integrated as a system. At the end of our sessions, I always feel a sense of discovery and most importantly I feel a sense of hope because I have found someone who is accessible and who has a unique ability to connect with and help others through knowledge, understanding and compassion.

John M Cross

Entrepreneur, Founder and Director of Dentristry


The work had a profound impact in all areas of my life. I was experiencing a lot of changes and challenges, I felt completely disconnected from myself. Alsu's ability to combine different methodologies made me access deeper parts of myself. I learnt to process emotions and reframe my thoughts. By the end of our work, I had a completely different outlook on life, feeling more positive, empowered, more in tune with my emotions, and having more positive self-talk. I used to think that I was too busy to take this time for myself when, in reality, the sessions with Alsu were fuelling my performance in every other area of my life. I couldn't be happier with the transformation I experienced in such a short amount of time

Larissa Mansour

Head of Programs, Latitud

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What Others Had to Say About Alsu

Anissa photo

Alsu helped me to be kind and forgiving with me and my body. I learnt to use my body as a partner and feel more peaceful. I accept better my emotions now and her coaching helped me to consider each difficult moment as an occasion to elevate. I feel more confident. I also connected to my past. I became more aware of the roots of some pain I have. I made a big step in the reconciliation with people and hard memories. It helped me to shift some wrong beliefs about myself. Thank you, I highly recommend working with Alsu!

Lucia, UK

Teacher, UK


I was having a severe issue of stress and procrastination. I was losing all the bigger opportunities coming my way. Working with Alsu, I understood all the mental blocks I was carrying over the years. After our work, I felt a new person in me, new possibilities in my life. Now I am more aware and conscious about my thoughts. I love myself like never before. I have started taking action by taking micro steps... Now I have a vision of what I want to do. Thanks, Alsu for bringing out the best in me and being a great therapist.


Teacher, France


"Alsu is a very skilled and warm therapist. From the very beginning Alsu made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence. She helped me excavate and identify deeply rooted subconscious beliefs that where blocking me from prioritising self-care fully, always putting my work first at the cost of my wellbeing. My breakthrough session and audio-recording made my transformation complete and lasting. Today, prioritising my self-care comes naturally to me. I no longer have the thoughts running through my head that made me believe that self-care comes after all of the work is done."


Therapist, Netherlands


"Alsu is a very professional and wise master who feels what you need and does all the possible to help you to succeed in your goals. I made great progress in terms of my emotional stability. Her sessions helped me a lot to break through during tough times, as well as to achieve my goals in different areas of life.”

Ekaterina Nagibina


Lucia 2

"Alsu is an amazing therapist who can help you reach your unconscious mind and create permanent change in areas you have been struggling with. She shows a great deal of empathy and commitment to the process and makes you feel safe and secure. I was able to heal my childhood traumas, I have much more awareness, I feel more calm and collected. And my stomach issues were healed”


Teacher, UK


I experienced a great relief from anxiety facing exams and I managed to face my exams and I PASSED it!!! I also learnt to trust my intuitions and to introspect. Instead of running away from difficult emotions and thoughts, I learnt to sit and process, Alsu is always approachable and emphatic. A fantastic intuitive healer. Highly recommended!


General Surgeon, Malaysia

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