Join Embodiment & Breathwork Event in Barcelona:
June 10th, 3 pm-7.00 pm

Trust Your Inner Guidance And Embrace Authenticity in All Your Relationships: Embodiment & Breathwork Journey

Learn To Express Your Needs, Set Boundaries, and Nourish Authentic Connections with Embodiment & Breathwork.

During this event:

Do you long for deep connections and true authenticity in your relationships? Join us on June 10th to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. 

Imagine embracing your true self and nurturing genuine connections with others. 

Often, we find ourselves conforming, seeking external validation, and compromising our authenticity. 

As humans, we have fundamental needs – for attachment and authenticity. 

Attachment fulfils our need for love, connection, and warmth, while authenticity allows us to express our needs, set boundaries, and live in alignment with our truth. 

Join us to: 

Experience Powerful Embodiment Techniques

Embodiment is a profound practice that helps liberate your inner wisdom, dissolve emotional barriers, and facilitate deep healing. Discover practical tools to embody authenticity and inner strength, empowering you to express your needs, desires, and requests while fostering love and connection with others.
Your body is your portal to inner wisdom and healing.

Learn Simple Self-Inquiry Process

Uncover the adaptive mechanisms holding you back from authentic self-expression and gain profound awareness to transform them.

Uplift Your Entire System with Ceremonial Cacao

Immerse yourself in a heart-opening cacao ceremony, providing deep relaxation and a sacred space to drop into your heart's wisdom. Ceremonial cacao increases blood flow to the brain, which helps to strengthen awareness and focus, as well as drop into the space of your heart so you can receive and be fully present.

Experience A Transformational Connected Breathwork Journey

Experience a Non-ordinary state of consciousness in a transformative Connected Breathwork session, resetting your emotional state, amplifying self-beliefs, and expanding your potential and strengthening the connection to your Essence.

Connect with the Community of Like-Hearted Conscious Leaders

The latest event in Barcelona
The session During Malaysia Spirit Festival
A photo from the event in August in Barcelona
Event in Sharjah, Entrepreneurship Festival

Meet Your Facilitators

Lourdes Aldanondo, the Founder of MindTouch®

MindTouch® is a therapeutic method that regulates
the Nervous System, helps you deal with stress and anxiety, and connects you with your inherent health. It integrates Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and psychosomatic techniques, focused on creating a nurturing and healing space.
Throughout her 25 years of teaching and private consultations, she has helped hundreds of people trust in their abilities to heal themselves. She´s a TEDx speaker, Mindvalley tribe speaker and co-author of the best-seller “Ignite your life for women”. She´s driven by curiosity, love of human potential and dragon power.

Teresa Carvi - Holistic Coach and Bodywork Specialist

“With a background in classic ballet and performance, I’ve dedicated myself to unlocking consciousness through bodywork. My extensive training in emotionally unblocking techniques, Chi Kung, Tantra, and Esalen Massage, has allowed me to help individuals live honestly and freely in their bodies, tapping into their deepest being.”

Alsu Kashapova, Transformational Coach and Holistic Therapist

Alsu Kashapova a Holistic Therapist with over 3,000 hours of training in a diverse range of healing modalities: from Compassionate Inquiry to Breathwork, Subconscious work and Sound Healing

After a successful career as a Tech Executive, Alsu have learned from leading figures in the industry – from Gabor Maté, Marisa Peer, Leonard Orr, to Dan BruleWith her growing impact on 8,000+ people, she facilitated sessions for thousands of participants, spoken at TEDx, and conducted numerous private sessions for her clients.

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Contraindications: Serious Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Psychosis, Low blood pressure (hypotension), Mental disorders, especially the active phase. For any questions or concerns please contact us.

What Others Had to Say About Past Events

I signed up for this workshop with my brain, I knew I wanted to do it, but I didn’t have any clear intention. The past few weeks were so intense, I was running from one thing to another and ended up being dissatisfied with everything, even the things I usually enjoyed. Then the workshop started and being in this beautiful community, I was able to set an intention and go through the lovingly led process. By the end of it I felt whole again, I reconnected with myself and felt inner peace, like I finally came home. I felt so very loving and at the same time clear about what I wanted to improve in my life. On the next day, I went to work with a completely different attitude, more balanced, joyful and motivated! Thank you Alsu and others for leading through this powerful journey and I’m excited for the next workshop!

Anonymous , Barcelona

The event was super powerful. The work was very deep. Facilitators were always there. I felt what I needed and received help. I actually felt as if it was an individual practice. I highly recommend using this space for working with yourself.

Kat, Barcelona

This event was transformational; I was able to live through many hidden emotions, new realizations came, and there was a feeling of internal rewiring and the emergence of new energies. I would highly recommend breathing practice to anyone and would like to practice it in the future.

Natalia, Barcelona

"... It was the best workshop, the most impactful session during our 3-day event. People loved it, they discovered something very new and for our surprise we had such a wonderful, deep meaningful time with Alsu… Even after several months, people still meet me and they talk about the session with Alsu. Very very impactful." ​

Rafael Nacif

Founder of Desperta, the largest personal development event in Portugal

"Before I met Alsu I never heard of Breathwork, I knew about meditation, yoga and mindfulness, but not Breathwork. During the session I felt that it’s much more powerful than meditation. Because you can focus on specific issues or a certain burden or feeling sitting inside, that was never addressed before. It allowed us to let it go during the session. I felt lifted off, relieved, and really great after the session… It’s almost like a reborn…”

Arzumy MD

CTO of Fave

We went through 2 different methodologies in the same session. One around self-knowledge and self-talk and then the breathwork. The first part complemented the second one beautifully. I was able to have a more clear intention for the breathwork session because we had discussed and uncovered a few things first. The whole experience went beyond my expectations, I experienced a feeling I had never felt before. This is something I recommend for everyone who's not even interested in this topic, it really is a worth-having experience. I'm still shocked by how this entire experience made me feel. I didn't expect to feel so much, physically and mentally. When we finished, I could not stop smiling, my body wanted to move, and I had a sense of deep relaxation, a feeling I had never felt before. Because workshops combine therapy with breathwork, I was able to uncover a few things first, and having them fresh in my mind made a huge difference in the breathwork session. Even days after I had the session, I still find myself having a different relationship with my thoughts. I could not recommend this enough.

Lorena Martínez


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The event will take place from 3.00 pm until 7.00 pm in Anahata Studio, Barcelona