Your PERSONAL journey with a Renowed Holistic Therapist, Alsu Kashapova

Book A Free Private 60-minute Session, Experience Powerful Healing, Gain Clarity and Unshakable Confidence

Feel instant energy shift and create a long-term roadmap for your personal growth

Your PERSONAL journey with a Renowed Holistic Therapist, Alsu Kashapova

Book A Free Private 60-minute Session Experience Powerful Healing, Gain Clarity and Unshakable Confidence

Feel instant energy shift and create a long-term roadmap for your personal growth

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Do you feel like there is more for you in this life?


Do you feel like there is something that holds you back, but you’re not quite sure what is it? 

Or maybe you want to accelerate your journey and step into your full power?

Or maybe you have a specific problem – whether it’s a physical illness, limiting belief or an emotional blockage. 

One thing you know for sure – you want a change in your life


I use comprehensive solution-based methods that allow me to work with various issues, from general requests like upgrading beliefs, self-esteem, confidence, performance and success, spiritual growth, emotional balance as well as specific issues, like anxiety, trauma, depression, weight-loss, fertility, physical illness, fears and phobias, addictions.

Let’s have a conversation. But wait, it’s not just a talk, because I value your time. It’s an actual focused session. During this call:

You'll gain clarity on your current challenges and what really hold you back.

You'll experience a powerful healing session, feel relieved, rejuvenated and harmonious.

You'll strategise a roadmap to overcome current challenges and achieve your goals.

You'll get a taste of the solutions that Alsu is using and get recommendations of methods that will work for you.

What you can expect from working with Alsu:

Become Aware of Key Limitations That Hold You Back

Become aware of your symptoms on all levels how you experience the world - body, emotions, mind and soul. Identify root cause of your issues or diseases on a deeper subconscious level.

Uncover and The Root Cause and Heal Unresolved Wounds

Instead of treating symptoms, we'll work directly with a root cause. By using methods of accessing subconscious mind, we'll shift limiting meanings you adopted, reprogram your beliefs, clear your cellular memory.

Reconnects With Your Soul and Step Into Your Whole Full Self

Learn how to tap into the resources of your soul, clear your emotional baggage, access your intuition, and open up your soul to incredible breakthroughs.

Live a Life by Your Design in Consistent Resourceful State

You’ll experience rapid shifts and step into your full whole self, design the life of your dream and you'll learn tools to create a lasting consistent change. You'll know how to balance your energy on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

and so much more...

Group sessions
Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival
Private Rebirth Breathing Session


Alsu Kashapova

Alsu is a Holistic Therapist and Founder of Wholistic Breathwork with over 3000 hours of training in a range of different methodologies – from Scientific Conscious Breathing to Pranayama and Rebirth Breathing, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Sound Healing, Ontological Coaching.

At the age of 19, she was awarded as a ‘Leader of the Future’ by the Minister of Education of Russian Federation. After a successful career as a Technology Executive, she shifted her path. She went through her transformational journey of self-discovery.

Now she is on a mission to help the world dramatically elevate their lives, by integrating shifts across all aspects of how we experience the world – through the body, emotions, mind and soul. One breath at a time.

She impacted more than 8000 people, she has taught Breathwork at international events and conferences, facilitated group sessions in front of thousands of participants, spoken on the TEDx stage, and conducted numerous private sessions for her clients. She has shared the stage with leading authors like Vishen Lakhiani, Srikumar Rao and Marisa Peer. 


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The Three Key Therapy Methods Used by Alsu

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

It’s a hybrid therapy that embraces hypnosis, hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Address key limitations that hold you back from your goals, understand the root cause and rewire your beliefs.

Breathwork and Rebirth Breathing

It’s a powerful natural self-healing tool to access higher consciousness. Through connected conscious breathing technique, you’ll awaken energy to release blockages and unite with your Higher Self.


Raise awareness and learn to work with your emotions, improve your self-dialogue and somatic tendencies and the language of the body using coaching and ontological learning.

This type of work is for you, if:

What Others Had to Say About Alsu


"Before I met Alsu I never heard of Breathwork, I knew about meditation, yoga and mindfulness, but not Breathwork. During the session I felt that it’s much more powerful than meditation. Because you can focus on specific issues or a certain burden or feeling sitting inside, that was never addressed before. It allowed us to let it go during the session. I felt lifted off, relieved, and really great after the session… It’s almost like a reborn…”

Arzumy MD

CTO of Fave


"Alsu will guide through powerful breakthroughs while holding you in a gentle, nurturing way as you work through what is holding you back and what is keeping you stuck in life. Alsu supported me with her breathwork through stressful situations in my personal relationships and helped me discover and unpack one of the most powerful blocks that came from my childhood that I had not seen up to that moment - despite working with other world class teachers. ”

Eni Selfo



"Alsu is able to bring you out of your head, into another realm, where the body, mind and soul connects. I felt an incredible sense of lightness where a lot of blockages were cleared. I felt a deep sense of calm, really clear in the head, and fully alive. I understood what abundance feels like where everything is possible. I would rate Alsu as one of the best Breathwork Facilitators in the world and would recommend her courses as a must do if you want to relieve your stress or anxiety or if you want to reconnect with your deeper self.”

Michael Lim

Co-Founder, OhanaJo Studio


"Alsu is a very professional and wise master who feels what you need and does all the possible to help you to succeed in your goals. I made great progress in terms of my emotional stability. Her sessions helped me a lot to break through during tough times, as well as to achieve my goals in different areas of life.”

Ekaterina Nagibina



"Alsu's breathwork session is as calm as the river and soft as feather. It's been a long while since I was taken out of my body as if I was renewed after months of struggling from so much blocks but it truly has cleansed me through and renewed me with myself… I highly recommend for you to go through Alsu's breathwork sessions if you'd want to clear your head, heal your soul, and start a new journey with alignment and flow.”

Kassy Pajarillo

Business Coach


"I have never done it before, it was my first time. But I did a few personal growth and spiritual awakening sessions before. She helped me on my personal breakthrough. I felt so much relief! I realised that I have been restricted for the whole 30 years of my life. So during that session I decided that I’m tired of this Bullshit. I got up, and my whole energy bursted, and I felt so liberated and free! I highly recommend attending Alsu’s Breathwork. It’s truly amazing and personalised."

Leong Chan

Co-Founder, CMO,
Facilitator @Cavemen Global

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