Grow Your Emotional IQ with this Model of Classification of Emotions: 

There are many classifications of emotions. This one is based on the work of Karla McLaren and Newfield Network’s Tong Yee. ⁣⁣
It helps to expand the emotional vocabulary, using commonly agreed language or metaphors. Naming what you feel can be the first step to process it. After that, it becomes more real and apparent. ⁣⁣

You can start by identifying your experience of core groups – anger, sadness, fear, tenderness (joy), sometimes disgust is being separated. Then you can go into more detail, learning this language.⁣⁣ But the most important is to explore your experience of each emotion, how you feel them in your body, and how you’re processing them. ⁣⁣

Are you able to befriend your emotions and find the wisdom in each of them?⁣⁣ What emotion is the most challenging for you to experience?

Here is a diagram of Classification of Emotions: 







How to process emotions: 

1. Be curious about what you feel rather than suppressing it or shifting attention to something else. 

2. Take a breath, create more space to feel, let yourself feel it. 

3. Become an observer, instead of being fully engaged with an emotion, be a scientist. 
Observer physical sensations of the emotions, instead of staying merged with a feeling. 
“How does it feel in my body?” 

4. Ask yourself “What is this about?”. Looking deeper, what is the underlying story that triggered this feeling. 

5. Challenge the story, “Is this true?” 
6. “What part of me needs healing right now? What does it need?” and give yourself attention, appreciation, safety, by gentle hug, saying words out loud that you need to hear. 

6. Inhale and sigh out any heaviness. 

7. Stay with the feeling until it needs to be felt, if you’re staying with the child. 

8. Ground yourself and come back. 


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