Experience This Powerful Emotional Freedom Audio Journey

It’s a powerful healing journey. It’s a combination of Breathwork, Emotional release and Subconscious reprogramming techniques with the purpose to provide space for you to reconnect with your emotions, release and empower yourself.

Ensure that you have a safe and uninterrupted space for yourself for the length of the session. Here are some logistical recommendations:

  • Lye down on yoga mat, or a solid mattress. Use a pillow under your head, you can use a bolster or another pillow under your knees as well (for some people it’s useful).
    You can cover yourself with a light blanket.
  • Use headphones.
  • Ensure the uninterrupted time, turn off your notifications, calls, ensure that you have enough battery on your device.
  • Plan 10-15 minutes to ground yourself after the practice

! If at any moment you’ll experience the pain of hands cramping – breathe slower and softer.

! If you have any heart diseases, or high blood pressure, panic attacks, schizophrenia consult with your doctor first.

! Don’t practice it while driving. 




And you can watch the Replay of the session below

I thought I had a happy childhood and that there is nothing for me to heal for a long time. Until I faced blockages in my life that I couldn’t figure out. I didn’t understand what’s on the way. It looked like it’s an external drama. That it’s other people that “make me” feel angry or small, or not valued.
And when I learnt that it’s me who was on the way. When I learned that I was replaying scenarios from my childhood, it helped me uncover the truth and become free from the drama I was subconsciously creating.

Years later, I started working with people and studying, learning more tools for Trauma and emotional wounds. I studied and keep studying with Leonard Orr, Dan Brule, Marisa Peer and Gabor Mate, to name few key teachers for me.

I learnt that healing profoundly improves all areas of life – career, relationships and wellbeing.
That’s why I decided to focus this LIVE session on this theme of recognising and healing trauma and emotional wounding.

In this session:

  • What IS trauma and what is NOT
  • How to understand if you had trauma
  • Risks of ignoring trauma and Benefits of healing
  • What’s the root cause
  • How to heal
  • Practical experience that you can bring home

1. The definition of Trauma 


When we think of Trauma, we think of big “T” trauma only, that is caused by extreme events, like nature disaster, war, sexual abuse or rape. But trauma happens also because of the absence of things that should have happened, like attunement and connection to the closest caretaker during childhood.

The event can be minor from the adult perspective, but if there were not an attuned parent that was holding space for a child to co-regulate, then the child was left alone to deal with the world. 

Here are great quotes on definition of Trauma: 

“Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.” ~ Peter Levine

“Trauma is an inability to inhabit one’s body without being possessed by its defenses and the emotional numbing that shuts down all experience, including pleasure and satisfaction. “ ~ Bessel van der Kolk

“Trauma is a psychic wound that hardens you psychologically and then interferes with your ability to grow and develop. It pains you and now you’re acting out of pain. It induces fear and now you’re acting out of fear. Trauma is not what happens to you, it’s what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you. Trauma is that scarring that makes you less flexible, more rigid, less feeling and more defended.”~ Gabor Mate

Trauma is not the same as emotional overwhelm and stress of daily life. Trauma brings actual changes to the body, nervous system and psyche.


So there are different types of Trauma: 

1. Shock Trauma (Critical Incident) – Natural Disaster, Sexual Abuse, War
2. Developmental Trauma
3. Trans-generational Trauma


2. How to recognise Trauma 

There is always a different degree of trauma symptoms: 

Severe Symptoms: PTSD, Nightmares and night terrors, Hyper-arousal, Panic attacks, anxiety and phobias, Flashbacks, Inability to function, Depression, Suicidal thoughts. 

Distractive Behaviour: Addiction (Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Shopping, Gambling)

Psychosomatic illnesses: headaches, migraines, neck and back problems, chronic pain, asthma, skin disorders, digestive problems, immune system. 

Blockages in Life without understanding why: in Relationships, Self-expression, Shame, Procrastination. 


And here are hallmarks of Trauma: 

  • Trauma creates a disconnection from yourself, your value, your feelings, your body, other people and the world
  • Trauma shapes your view of the world, causing a constriction
  • Trauma makes it difficult to be in the present moment
  • Trauma changes your nervous system
  • The person is in a permanent defensive mode even there is no danger 


How to understand if you had trauma:

Take the Adverse Childhood Experience QUIZ, that will give you a score, that you can use to understand what to heal. 

Here are key areas of experiences that cause trauma: 

– Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Sexual) 

– Neglect (Physical, Emotional)  

– Household Dysfunction (Mental Illness, Incarcerated Relative, Mother treated violently, Substance Abuse,  Divorce) 

 Each of 10 categories gives a score of 1. This score can show you where and how much healing is needed for you.  


3. Why to heal, rather than forget it? 

Many of us keep living the life without processing emotions, trying to get rid of memories, focusing the attention on the external. 

But if a certain emotional wound wasn’t healed, then it can cause other form of sickness or self-distraction. 
Here are risks of not healing trauma: 

– Risk of addiction (Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Shopping, Gambling or other forms) 

– Physical and mental illness is more likely to happen, like diabetes, depression, suicidal thoughts, obesity, autoimmune diseases, cancer, digestive system problems, heart diseases, stroke, broken bones.

More and more studies show correlation between Addiction and Trauma, between Physical and mental illness and Trauma. 

It’s either a person tries to cover up the pain. Or the body is trying to process it, trying to drive the attention, screaming for healing. 

That’s why it’s worth it to go through the process of healing. 

And there is more to that, if you heal your trauma, it’s about thriving in life. It impacts virtually all areas of life. 
– You feel in the presence rather than in the past

  • You’re no longer acting from the child’s perspective, but you have a real freedom of choice
  • Improved Self-image and esteem
  • Improved Relationships with others
  • Career growth
  • Stronger Health

    “Unfortunately, that early defence mechanism usually remains in place when the child becomes an adult.
    That emotion still lives in him or her unrecognized and manifests, for example, as anxiety, anger, outbursts of violence, a mood, or even as physical illness.
    In some cases, it interferes with or sabotages every intimate relationship.”

    ~ Eckhart Tolle


4. The origin of trauma often lies in the childhood.

Safe attachment with a regulated parent, who holds them physically and emotionally. So the child can experience love, connection, belonging.

Another fundamental human need is authenticity, it’s a survival need to be connected to gut feeling. The child should be able to express themselves, their truth and feelings. It starts from the experience in the womb and affects all areas of life.

If we help children grow their capacity to be vulnerable, to be wounded, then even when a dangerous event occurs, they will be more likely to deal with it without trauma. An adverse childhood experience, like an unpredictable parent, will put the child into a hypervigilant state.

The brain of a traumatized child is different from non-traumatised. With a lack of safety, the brain will focus on the development of flight, fight, freeze responses, it’s like there is always a thread. Safety is required to develop functions of the brain responsible for social engagement.

Here are stages of the brain development of a child: 

1. Primitive Brain (Brainstem) – Sensory, Motor, Safety
2. Limbic Brain – Survival, Attachment and Emotional Development
3. Cortical – Thinking, Language, Learning

And this is a chronological timeline of beliefs about the world forming: 

Age 0-1: Basic Trust, Safety
Age 1-3: Autonomy, Healthy Attachment
Age 3-6: Authenticity, Initiative
Age 6-12: Competence, Independence
Age 12-19: Identity

So if you notice that you didn’t have some of those aspects, and they impacting your present, there is a good news – this all can be healed. You can become aware of when the belief is showing up, you can learn tools to help yourself. You can model a new behaviour in relationships. 


5. Here are aspects of healing. 

It’s important to establish bodily experience of safety. (Self-soothing practices and space; Working with a therapist; Family and friends; Pets; Gardening) 

Nervous system regulation through brain-body connection 
(Movement Yoga / Dance / Tai Chi/ Qi gong; Playing instruments (drums); Acting ; Singing ; Slow breathing)

Experience your essence (Holotropic states – Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Plant Medicine, Reiki; Spiritual experiences; Meditation; Giving back, volunteering)

Emotional Processing (Mindfullness, Emotional Intelligence, EFT) 

Healing the Inner Child (Active Visualisation; Internal Family System Therapy; Compassionate Inquiry; Forgiveness) 

Clearing unprocessed relationship with parents, with hurters (Getting out the pain, verbalising or writing; Grief, processing anger/frustration, etc; Forgiveness practice) 

There Are Many Healing Modalities

  • Psychotherapy
  • EMDR
  • Polyavagal Theory
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Somatic practices
  • Breathwork
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Art Therapy
  • Brainspotting (BSP).
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy
  • NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM)
  • Sound Healing

And more…

In the video above you can experience simple practices that you can do every day. 

Thank you for watching the replay of LIVE video and reading this post.  If you realised that you want to start the healing work, I invite you to work with me, I have only several clients at the time, so check with me if I have spots, but regardless, you can book a free consultation call with me, a Holistic Therapist Alsu Kashapova, learn more here >> 

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