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Get Breathwork Audiorecordings

Welcome here, you probably experienced one of the sessions live or online with me.

1) Here is the latest recording inspired by working with participants of Mindvalley University in Tallinn and The Festival of Consciousness in Barcelona.
It’s a recording called “Breathwork for Core Beliefs” focused on strengthening Fundamental beliefs. It also has elements of cleansing energy centres, healing the inner child parts and empowering yourself for the present&future.
A couple of notes:

  • Practice it in a seated position, with your back straight, But you’re welcome to lie down at any point.
  • This practice is medium format and level of intensity, so you can practice it every day or once a week.
  • If you’re pregnant or have high blood pressure, or you feel lightheaded, or it becomes intense, you can always breathe gentler and slower.
  • You can always take breaks and continue the practice.


Here is the download the recording (the link expires in 7 days) :

If you’re interested to go deeper and work individually with me, I’m a Holistic Therapist, I help people step into their authenticity, heal childhood and shift limiting beliefs. I have 4 spots left for 2022. Please book a free consultation call >> with me. 


2) Here is an audio journey for Healing the Inner Child. You will be mentally travelling to your childhood to heal and upgrade parts of yourself.

Ensure that you have a safe and uninterrupted space for yourself for the length of the session.  


3) Transformational HypnoBreathwork recording for Self-Empowerment “I believe in myself” 


Here are some logistical recommendations:



  • Lie down on a yoga mat or a solid mattress. Use a pillow under your head; you can use a bolster or another pillow under your knees if you prefer. 
  • You can cover yourself with a light blanket. 
  • Use headphones.
  • It’s better to download this audio and listen offline, so you can turn off your network to ensure uninterrupted time, turn off your notifications, calls, ensure that you have enough battery on your device. 
  • Plan 10-15 minutes to ground yourself after the practice 
  • The most important is to trust the process, dive into the experience, and allow yourself to be present and surrender. 

If you have any heart diseases, high blood pressure, or panic attacks, consult with an author first.

! Don’t practice it while driving. 

! Deep Breathing, Hypnotherapy techniques are being used. 

If after the practice you’ll feel anxious or have deep feelings, please get in touch with us, write to if you need support and would like to work 1-1. 


Other Resources

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