Join Alsu Kashapova And Teresa Carvi
On Their New Retreat in Morocco 29.10-03.11

Awaken Your Inner Powerhouse,
Expand Your Dreams And
Live Your Highest Purpose

Enhance Your Life Vision With Potent Methods Like Therapeutic Somatic Coaching, Breathwork, Creative Visualisation. Mastermind With a Community Of Driven Soulful Leaders Under The Magic Of Moroccan Stars

Join Alsu Kashapova And Teresa Carvi
On Their New Retreat in Morocco 29.10-03.11

Awaken Your Inner Powerhouse,
Expand Your Dreams And
Live Your Highest Purpose

Enhance Your Life Vision With Potent Methods Like Somatic Coaching, Breathwork, Visualisation. Mastermind With Soulful Leaders Under The Magic Of Moroccan Stars

Ready To Unlock Your Next Breakthrough?

Does the daily busyness make you lose sight of the bigger picture and purpose?

Do you feel ready for next level in your career & life but something is keeping you stagnant? 

Does the constant stress of creating the future leave you feeling disconnected from the joy of the moment

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a manager, or a community leader, the time to reflect, recharge and re-align with your purpose is fundamental for you to create the next breakthrough. 

If you’re ready to live your epic dreams, level up your business game, and master your leadership, you’ve found the right place.

Join leaders like you to recharge your inner fuel, upgrade your mindset, and expand your vision.

It’s time to break free from the limitations and step into your power to lead authentically and courageously

You deserve to thrive and live a life that aligns with your deepest values and boldest aspirations.

Introducing 5-Day Vision Unleashed Retreat...

Join a transformative journey where you’ll align with your essence, liberate yourself from inner blockages, and unleash the power of your vision.

Through immersive experiences and community support, you’ll expand and embody your dreams, fueling your daily life with purpose and clarity, while amplifying your vision to a new level.

Gain strategic insights, and actionable steps needed to create your desired reality with confidence.

In this 5-day Retreat, you’ll enhance your leadership power, discover higher purpose, and align your actions with your values and dreams.

This Retreat is the culmination of years of experience in holistic transformational coaching methods.

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

Meet Your Facilitators

Alsu Kashapova, Holistic Coach

An accomplished Tech Executive turned holistic transformational coach, Alsu found her purpose in helping people realign with their inner essence. 

As the proud founder of Wholistic Breathwork, she’s supported more than 10 000 people to navigate the challenging and rewarding path to self-discovery, integrating scientific conscious breathing, rapid transformational hypnotherapy, sound healing, ontological coaching, and Compassionate Inquiry.

Not only has Alsu shared her insights at international conferences, including TEDx, with great speakers like Gabor Maté, Marisa Peer, Leonard Orr, Vishen Lakhiani, and Srikumar Rao. 

Teresa Carvi, Holistic & Embodiment Coach

Through her journey, Teresa focused on bodywork as a way to awaken consciousness. As a result, I began to connect with the body through classical ballet and performance, and I followed my training with emotionally unblocking body techniques for actors, Chi Kung, Tantra and Esalen Massage.
Body exploration is a door to awareness and healing. Our Body contains the knowledge about our feelings and intuition and gives us the tools for Living in our body honestly and freely, embodying our deepest being.

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What Participants Say


I Have Clarity On My Life Purpose In Line With My Goals

It was one of the best retreats I ever experienced! I feel so connected with my heart. I feel much more clarity about my life purpose in line with my life goals. It was a combination of different methodologies, like the coaching, dancing, breathing exercises, the visualization. Even as the world champion in ice swimming, sitting in the ice during the retreat, meditating, and feeling the power of the team, was incredible. I loved honest conversations where we could show up vulnerability. We also worked towards our true essence. It was so amazing that at the end we were all there, connected to our true essence. I completely recommend this great experience.
Thank you Alsu and Teresa.

Deniz Kayadelen

World Champion in Ice Swimming | Founder Out of Comfort Zone Head of Talent Management Consulting EY


My Biggest Weakness Became My Biggest Strength

It was one of the most transformational things I've ever done in my life. The breakthrough moment was in Breathwork session. I didn't discover anything. It was darkness. Emptiness. Silence. Space. And I'd always been looking at that as something very boring, that doesn't have much value.
And through this retreat, I discovered, oh my God, this is my superpower. In this emptiness, I'm able to find clarity. I'm able to let people in. I'm able to listen and really process.
So what I thought was my biggest weakness became my biggest strength. And I'm really, really grateful for that.
The bond we got at this retreat, it was just something that I don't think I'll ever be able to explain. It was, just extremely special.

Chris Baldwin, PhD

Strategist, Sales & Marketing Expert
Founder of Public Speaking Academy

What You'll Experience

Immerse yourself into the captivating charm of magical Morocco, where nature blends seamlessly with rich heritage. 

Throughout the retreat, you’ll engage in transformative sessions within a safe and supportive environment. 

The Agenda

Throughout the retreat you’ll liberate yourself from limitations, reconnect to your essence, and tap into your dreams, expanding your vision. 

We’ll start with Morning rituals, continue with workshops and transformative experiences, having breaks in between so you can relax and integrate, and we’ll complete the day in the circle. 

Methods and Experiences


Using conversational and somatic inquiry, you’ll get into the root causes, release emotions and apply a new mindset 


We’ll bring minds, experience and giving capacity of hearts to uplift each other’s visions with unique insights and strategies


Access an expended state of consciousness and awaken you inner wisdom to resolve blockages or get higher insights


Boost your actions with energy and visualize strong visions to inspire and drive growth in your daily life.


Connect with the rhythm of life through movement, freely expressing yourself and tapping into your life force


Transform fear into courage and create a break your limits on physical and mental levels 

Explore Morocco's Magic

We’ve designed the Transformational Retreat to include immersion in the local culture to connect deeply with the enchanting beauty of the land.

You’ll join Inspirational Hike in the Atlas Mountains, where nature envelopes with its potent energy. Let the breathtaking landscapes inspire you as we engage in guided creative visualizations on the terrace, followed by a delightful picnic lunch.

Experience the magic of the Moroccan desert with a Private Full Moon ceremony on 01.11, where we co-create with the lunar energy to manifest our dreams. Engage in a powerful Cacao-Breath Ceremony and join in local cultural dances under the moonlit sky.

Connect with local entrepreneurs and support their communities by purchasing their products. Additionally, join our optional Mastermind session with local founders as a way to give back.

Indulge in rejuvenating Hammam and spa treatments to nourish your soul. Let Morocco replenish your spirit, so you can overflow with love and generosity from a heart that’s deeply nurture

Where You'll Stay


We’ve got your logistics covered! Shuttles will depart from Marakesh at 3 pm, ensuring a hassle-free journey to our venue. Arrive by 5 pm to kick off our light agenda at 6 pm.

Rest assured, delicious meals are included in the price, with menus tailored to accommodate your dietary preferences. Our local chefs are skilled in catering to our diverse, wellness-focused community.

What You’ll Learn

Thrive In Your Personal And Professional Life By Aligning Your Vision To Your Core Values And Drivers

Rediscover Your Higher Purpose, Empowering You To Lead With Clarity And Passion

Uncover Your Authentic Self, Grow Self-Acceptance and Confidence

Turn Your Biggest Dreams Into Achievable Realities, Fuelling Your Journey Towards Lasting Fulfilment

Cultivate Inner Harmony And Joy, Enhancing Your Leadership Capabilities And Overall Well-Being.

Build A Supportive Network Of Like-Minded Individuals, Amplifying Your Impact

What Participants Say


I Saw Sides Of The Essence Of My Husband After 35 Years Of Marriage. It's Priceless.

My struggle is really with my family, I grew up with parent’s fights and a lot of challenges. And it’s difficult for me to process it, and to see how it shows up with my husband and my son.
Alsu is able to guide me intuitively through various tools, so in every session, I’m able to get so much deeper insights than my original issue. The retreat allowed me to learn from other people’s journey - their struggles and then how they came through. During the breathing exercises, I released a lot from my heart. And we came together with my spouse. And I got to see sides of my husband, of his essence, I didn’t get to see before, even we're married for 35 years. And that's priceless. You fall in love with the person again because you see who they are, not what they do. And I want to be more appreciative of our relationships.

Monika Chan


John essence

Practical Approach To Create Real Shifts in Life.

From facing anxiety to strategizing solutions, these methods are incredibly effective, blending therapeutic coaching, hypnosis, breathing exercises, and more.
The practical approach and personalized recommendations, including reading materials, offer holistic support.

Attending her retreat exceeded our expectations!!!
For me and my wife, the experience allowed us to observe each other objectively, deepening our understanding and appreciation.
Being part of a supportive group, understanding others' struggles, and navigating everyday life with newfound insights made it truly transformative.

With Alsu and Teresa, you're in a safe space to explore, connect, and progress towards healing and grow

John M Cross

Entrepreneur, Founder and Director of Dentristry


I experienced Alsu's one-on-one holistic therapy sessions.
I've been amazed at how well she understood what I needed to work on.
Combined with the retreat this journey is the most transformational experiences for me.
I've previously attended coaching, therapy and religious retreats, but never found a connection between spirituality and emotionality.

This experienced helped bridge these worlds for me, working on various levels from the body to the soul and universe.
What's unique is that Alsu and Teresa are relatable, not like traditional spiritual guides. They lives a normal life, as leaders in their industries and entrepreneurs.
Seeing her integrate this knowledge into everyday life is inspiring and reassuring.

Maria Mendoza

eCommerce Growth & Marketing
EMBA Candidate at ESADE

Surya Gupta

Two years ago I attended Alsu’s session. That experience was transformative, it set me on a path of inner work that led me to find inner peace.
So I joined this retreat and it was simply amazing. I felt at home. We all felt free to fully express ourselves, our inner child, our emotions, our vulnerability.
I was able to face one of the biggest fears of cold through an immersive experience of Ice Bath, it pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way! And today I spent 15 min swimming in the cold water and it felt amazing.
I also loved breathwork, ecstatic dance, sharing sessions. This retreat is exactly what I needed in terms of breakthroughs, a couple of really, really, really good breakthroughs.
I've learned how to be easy on myself, and how to learn and appreciate the moment and the life right now. Lots of love, peace,

Surya Gupta

UK and EU Property Consultant

$1100 Worth of Bonuses Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1

Private Transformational Holistic Coaching Session (Worth $500)

Integrate the Retreat experience with personalised holistic coaching and ensure to follow through your inspired plans. You'll experience one or integration of world-class solution-driven methods like Compassionate Inquiry, Coaching, Transformational Hypnotherapy and Breathwork.

Bonus #2

Lifetime Access to 6 Powerful Breathwork Audio Recordings (Worth $300)

You get lifetime access to 6 of Alsu's most transformational Audio Breahtwork journeys. They are deep and shift you to your very core. Experience them for free when you join now.

Bonus #3

Lifetime access to 6 Breathwork Morning Routines (Worth $300)

Lasting change comes from consistency. And consistency comes from creating habits that will be with you forever, that’s why we are including 6 of Alsu’s most powerful morning routines to accompany you for each week of the 6 weeks -- completely complimentary.

Take Your Journey To The Next Level
With Personalized Holistic Coaching Online

Focused on your goals, whether you’re seeking to achieve fulfilment across all areas of life, expand your business, strengthen your leadership or unleash your gifts, we’ll personalise the program for you.

We’ll utilize the power of world-class solution-based methods like Compassionate inquiry, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Mindfulness. 

Through monthly/bi-weekly 2-hour session, we’ll identify inner blockages in the way of your vision, heal and liberate somatic memories and reframe your subconscious beliefs. 

You’ll integrate all parts of yourself into wholeness, experience immediate changes in your life and business, and feel more calm, free and confident. 

You’ll step into your true potential and create fulfillment across all areas of your life. 

What People Say About Holistic Coaching


Alsu helps me see possible paths and I choose willingly. She makes me feel comfortable with change and growth. Through our sessions I see my past as a powerful strength. And I feel comfortable as I am. Complete as I am. Enough as I am. I have read books on these topics, attended training, but only through the program with Alsu made me experience it. I feel happy, hopeful, inspired, and light after our sessions. After working with you for a while, my days are mostly delighted, bright and more straightforward. I am way more patient now, especially dealing with people. People used to tell me I had so much passion for life, but I lost that and didn't know if I could even get back there, now I feel like myself again!
I also improved my relationship with my parents. I see them with more love these days!

Kalaiarasi Manikam

Founding Director, NorthStar Global Training System,


I have several businesses. I worked with Alsu because I had difficulties at work and personally. At the very beginning I felt resistance, I had difficulty getting emotions out.
But through Therapeutic Coaching, Breathwork, RTT I found a new joy in me that hadn’t felt in a long time, a lot of release and re-awakening, finding myself and learning to enjoy life again. I’m so grateful that I met Alsu and that I went through this process of growth and learning. In one of my businesses the past 2 years were difficult, and I have had a hard time to get motivation, inspiration and figuring out how to move forward. And through the HTC program with Alsu I found new ideas within me and motivation sprouted again, and I have a lot of energy, motivation and resources within me to turn things around and get success.

Angela Gaspar

Founder & Director Discovery Reports Group Limited Founder & Director COCO by Angela

Jason Marc Campbell

I was looking for things that would help me regain focus, lower my anxiety, and make me productive again. Doing Holistic Therapy with Alsu was surprisingly one of the most effective methods that actually could bring me back to my life. She combines breathwork, coaching and other modalities that allowed me to have breakthroughs with my own body. She offered the right exercises at the right time and had an intuitive feel of how many sessions I needed. You'll realize how powerful she is and how helpful that can be for whatever you're going through in your life right now.

Jason Mark Campbell

Author of Sell with Love, Consultant and Podcaster

Ronan 2

Alsu has emotional empathy, sensitivity, and understanding beyond I can explain, I feel connected, understood, magical. Also, seeing things beyond this present energy, magical empathy and clairvoyance. She is able to create a space of safety, to go somewhere that is not easy to express, to go to a deeper corner of yourself. She masterfully does shifting from body-mind-body. So I won’t avoid feelings, I’ve learned to stay with them. I can access the root causes of issues that I’m facing, I can understand and access stories from childhood and heal them. Sessions are beyond psyche, out-of-body experiences, and insights. It’s a great combination of therapy, coaching and somatic work, it goes out of proportion in a beautiful way. I feel the most blessed, liberated and free after working together and I have a new level of self-acceptance as never before.

Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Author and Head of Health & Fitness at Mindvalley

What You Get When You Enroll Now

6-night stay, 3 meals/day & snacks in a lux Moroccan Villa (Value €1300)

5 Days of Transformational Program with Somatic Inquiry, Coaching, Breathwork, Mastermind, Ecstatic Dance, Ice Bath (Value €7500)

The Night In The Desert With Cacao-Breath Ceremony, Dinner and Local Culture (Value €1000)

The Inspirational Hike in Atlas Mountains With Program, Lunch, Transportation (Value €1000)

Bonus #1 Two Private Preparation and Integration Coaching Calls (Value €1000)

Bonus #2 The Collection of the 6 Signature Transformational Audio Recordings (Value €279)

Bonus #3 Video-Course with 6 Morning Breathwork Routines (Value €279)

Total Value: € 11,858

Choose the path that’s right for you


5-Day Transformational Retreat in Morocco
with Immersive Local Experiences 

Total Value: € 11,858

€ 1,499

VAT applies 

Retreat with Coaching

5-Day Transformational Retreat in Morocco
and Yearly Personalised Private Holistic Coaching
(Monthly or Every second week)

Total Value: € 23,857

€ 2,899

VAT Applies

What Others Had to Say


I Tapped Into My Essence Through Different Practices

I was not expecting so much depth in this retreat. At this retreat I have tapped into my essence through different practices and because of everyone, but especially because Alsu and Teresa have offered a safe space.
I've been able to express myself, and it's hard for me to just show, show my true self. It's been very transformational.
Inner work, Breathwork, Sharing Circles, Ecstatic Dance - I really like where these practices took me, they allowed me to explore...many different ways to reach essence.
Through breathwork I also accessed the magnetic field that we are, with tantra I felt playfulness and femininity.

With a group we've gone through so many ways of connecting and mirroring each other, and it allowed to learn and integrate a lot of parts of me that were missing.

Carolina Gimeno

Project Manager, Teacher


You'll Discover Parts Of Yourself You May Not Have Seen Before

I'm going through a phase in my life where many things are happening.
The retreat journey went deep quickly. I realized it required me to be fully present with my emotions, to witness the process, and to trust it. I felt truly supported by both Alsu, Teresa, and the group.
It provided the ideal setting for me to see and get what I needed while also contributing to the group.
Everything has been thoughtfully designed, from the physical space to the activities, and you can feel the intention behind every action. I loved creative activities, like expressing our essence through art, it felt natural for me to express in this way. You'll discover parts of yourself you may not have seen before, all in a safe and enjoyable setting. If you feel the call for transformation within yourself, trust that this is the space for you.

Kim Lucy Mazza

Digital Marketing Consultant

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